Infrastructure Configuration Manager (ICM)

The Infrastructure Configuration Manager (ICM) is software specifically designed to operate as part of the TE Managed Connectivity solution.

The ICM is designed to be used by a full range of companies. Small, medium and enterprise customers can utilize the software to accurately document the physical infrastructure that their business relies on.

More and more organizations are realizing that documenting and controlling the physical layer is vital to providing reliable and high availability networks.

When used in conjunction with the AMPTRAC hardware, all patching changes are recorded automatically and the documentation is always 100% accurate.

A powerful network discovery tool is provided that can discover all active network devices and document and track this equipment in real time.

Features & Benefits.

  • Availability of assets are increased
  • Operational costs are reduced
  • Best practice and regulatory requirements are more easily attained
  • Network problems are more easily diagnosed and corrected
  • Security is greatly enhanced



Artikel Datenblatt (PDF) Montageanleitung (PDF) Anwendungsrichtlinien (PDF)
Infrastructure Configuration Manager (ICM)