Cross-Connect Frame

The Q-Frame cross-connect frame system provides the cable management necessary for the fiber intensive areas of today’s data centers.

This innovative frame has eight 9-inch horizontal troughs for a total of 72 inches of horizontal trough space.

This abundant trough space minimizes fiber pile up and congestion simplifying moves, adds and changes.

The frame system mounts to a standard 19-inch rack allowing the rear troughing system to line up between racks maximizing the routing between racks.

The builtin patch cord storage panel will store up to 3.5 meters (12 feet) of patch cord slack and allows for the use of single patch cord length to connect any port within a single rack.

The Q-Frame is compatible with the Q4000 managed chassis, Q3000 unmanaged chassis, RMG series 4 RU chassis, and TFP series 4 RU chassis and can accommodate 8 of either of these fiber panel products in a single frame.

Ample Trough Space

  • Reduces patch cord pile-up and congestion

          – Reduces maintenance time due to easy removal and tracing of patch cords
          – Minimizes risk of microbends or damage to fiber

Built-in Patch cord Storage Panel

  • Simplifies frame installation

          – Saves money by reducing the number of different patch cord lengths that have to be kept in inventory
          – Minimizes risk of microbends or damage to fiber

  • Maintains fiber bend radius
  • Enclosed system ensures easy cable access without fiber cross-over points


Intuitive Cable Routing System

  • No fiber cross-over points
  • Multiple horizontal troughways

          – Reduces maintenance time due to easier removal and tracing of patch cords

  • Minimizes fiber “weaving”


Bend Radius Protection at Every Turn

  • Provides complete bend radius at every turn to ensure network performance and reliability


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Q-Frame Cross-Connect Frame