Indoor fiber distribution box

The IFDB-S is a small size indoor fiber distribution box to allow to break out fibers from a riser cable to individual drops that bring the fiber from this point to the living units of an MDU.

The IFDB-S is designed for riser cables that allow access through a small window cut or incision. For cable constructions that require larger window cuts, fiber overlength can be stored in the base module.

To connect the drop fibers to the riser fibers both splices and connector can be used.
The splice capacity of the IFDB-S splice module is 4 splices.


  • Very compact enclosure with dimensions (WxHxD): 80mm x 80mm x 35mm for integration into small sized floor boxes
  • Window cuts as small as 50mm possible with specific cable constructions such as the TE Mini-breakout cable
  • Drop cables can be directed to 4 different sides by rotating the splice module on the base module
  • Free breathing enclosure for indoor use
  • Flame retardant LSZH material
  • Front accessible
  • Wrap around riser cable installation
  • Not required to cut loop-through fibers from riser cable
  • Can hold 4 LC connectors or 2 SC connectors
  • Compatible with RECORDsplice, SMOUV and ANT splice protectors in the same splice holder
  • Drop cable diameter up to 5mm
  • Main cable diameter up to 10,5mm



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