ASX Active Digital Signal Cross-Connect

Part of TE Connectivity innovative family of active digital signal cross-connect products, the ASX fully integrates an SDH multiplexer with a FlexDSX® cross-connect chassis. The product allows easy migration of 2 Mbit equipment to next generation equipment, as well as enabling additional capacity and transition to fibre optic backhaul to support increasing data rates.

The ASX is compatible with existing DSX installations and supports standard DSX functionalities and advantages:

  • Modular construction, featuring either wire-wrap or LSA-PLUS® punchdown cable termination methods
  • Easy circuit identification through the integrated LEDs
  • Four-port jack cards with dual monitoring ports enable individual circuit monitoring in both directions
  • Cross-connection and patching of circuits
  • Superior, intuitive cable management


The extremely compact STM-1 level SDH multiplexer supports 1+1 MSP on the link side and management features are accessed via GIU interface.

By fully integrating an SDH multiplexer into the digital distribution frame, the ASX provides space savings, as well as reducing cabling and maintenance costs.



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ASX Active Digital Signal Cross-Connect