C5C Magazines

“DSL transmission on your outside plant copper network requires reliable, sealed contacts.

C5C sealed, IDC contacts will optimize contact resistance and insulation resistance, reducing bit error rates.

This superior connector will allow you to transmit at higher speeds over longer local loops.

Tyco-C5C is the latest addition to the TE Connectivity’s family of digital transmission quality connectors.

It is a further development of the very popular families of IDC magazines like the QDF.

It is a classic example of design and applied technology for achieving

  • Low attenuation
  • High insulation resistance
  • High SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio)
  • Maximum bit-rate throughput up to CAT5 requirements


C5C-PR Line protectors

A wide range of protection products are offered which are an important part of the C5C product line.

Gas tube over voltage protection is available, and over current protection is also provided in 5-point protectors.

3 and 5 point protectors are available in dry and sealed versions.


C5C-AC Accessories

The C5C family of products provides a fast, easy and reliable wire management system as well as environmental protection.

A range of accessories is available to facilitate circuit management:

  • various types of marker for individual connections or magazines
  • plugs to break individual connections
  • plugs to restrict access to selected circuits


C5C-IT Installation tool

The C5C installation tool provides fast and reliable installation of wires.
As the wire is cut by the terminal and not the tool, there is no cutting edge to dull or scissor mechanism to fail.

It features a built-in wire removal hook for removing terminated wires.
Magazine removal from high and low density mounting frames is effected without the need of the tool.

Two lengths are available, depending on customer requirements.


C5X-MF Mounting frames

The C5C wire management system features an exclusive mounting frame.

This is designed expressly for the C5C magazine to ensure smooth, reliable installation.

The magazines are mounted onto the frame by flexing the jumper guides upwards and sliding the magazine into position where the harpoon locks will engage with the magazine slots.



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