Aluminum Couplers

Anodized Aluminum Duct Couplers

An anodized coating that is color coded by size protects these couplers and connectors, increasing their durability in the field.

Designed for all types of polyethylene ducts, these products feature a ribbed external surface that provides excellent non-slip gripping during installation.

Their low profile allows the couplers to pass easily through plowchutes.


  • Reverse-threaded or barbed
  • Color-coded sizing
  • Anodized
  • Designed for all types of polyethylene ducts



These couplers are reverse-threaded and tapered to accommodate the wide
range of sizes and diameters common in the telecom industry today.

Each coupler can be used with all ducts of the same nominal size, eliminating the problem of determining specific outside diameters.

The buttressed threads provide excellent mechanical hold.



These couplers feature concentric air-tight barbs instead of spiral threads for maximum pullout resistance.

The barbs are more effective under high-pressure airflow during cable propulsion.

Install these couplers with the use of a coupling press.

Refer to the Hydraulic Coupling Press data sheet for more details.



These couplers are reverse threaded and straight to accommodate one size only.

Provides tighter seal and more thread engagement on standard size duct.



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