Fiber OpticSimplex Plug

Sealing Plugs for Small Diameter Ducts

  • Water-tight and air-tight
  • Simple installation around in-place cables
  • Seals all types of inner duct
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Patented design
  • Wide cable sealing range
  • Installs and removes by hand


Fiber Optic Simplex plugs effectively seal conduits containing one cable.

Originally designed for applications involving fiber optic cable placement in subduct, this product is ideal for sealing around coax or twisted pair cable in small diameter conduits.

These plugs are retrofitable, removable, and reusable.

Proper sealing around cable in conduits and subducts is important to prevent the costly flooding of buildings and sedimentation of the area around the cable.

These easily removable and reusable devices facilitate the redistribution of cable slack by ensuring a clear raceway around outside plant cables.

Note: When selecting a Fiber Optic Simplex plug

1. Determine the inside diameter of the duct and select the range of plugs.
2. Determine the outside diameter of the cable (or inner duct) and select the correct plug in the range.

Make sure you know the minimum internal diameter of the duct. Some ducts quoted at 50 mm internal diameter (nominal) might be only 48 mm.

Also, given the outside diameter, determine the minimum O.D. and the maximum wall thickness and calculate the minimum I.D.

The actual cable (or inner duct) diameter must be determined.

A quoted cable diameter of 15 mm might be anywhere between 14 and 16 mm, depending on the manufacturer.



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Fiber Optic Simplex Plug