Triplex Duct Plugs

Multi-Port Sealing Devices for Duct Cable Networks

Triplex duct plugs are split plugs for sealing around, organizing, and supporting up to three subducts, pipes, or cables.

The plugs are designed for use in round openings such as conduits, conduit fittings, and core-drilled wall penetrations.

Effective long-term water-tight and air-tight seals, these products also prevent mud, backfill, and slurry from entering handholes, manholes, and buildings during the construction process.

The service life of cable, splices, manhole hardware, and electronics can be increased when contact with moisture is reduced.

Flooded underground structures are accessed more quickly when they are isolated from the ingress of water, mud, and slurry.

  • Split design for retrofitting without disassembly
  • Anchor and organize subducts or multiple duct systems
  • Eliminate duct-edge abrasion to cables
  • Expandable gasket allows for expansion and contraction of cablesor subducts without leakage
  • Excellent for supporting cables at the tops of risers


When selecting a Triplex Plug:

1. Determine the inside diameter of the duct and select the range of plugs.

2. Determine the outside diameter of the cable (or inner duct) and select the correct plug in the range.

3. If the diameter of the cable (or inner duct) is below the specified range, select a plug with a Bushing Sleeve series reference number and go to the Bushing Sleeve data sheet and select a bushing from the series listed in this table.

4. Any unused ports in the plug can be blocked off using a Hole Plug. Refer to the Hole Plug data sheet and look for a Hole Plug to match the Bushing Sleeve series.



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Triplex Duct Plugs