Customer premises wall outlet

The CPWO is a very compact wall outlet for maximum 2 FO connectors and 1RJ-45 or RJ-11 Cu connector.

The box provides mechanical protection for the fiber and permits appropriate access while maintaining the highest standards of fiber management.

The box is typically used at the customer premises in the termination part of the access network.

The unit has the following features.

  • Can be used flush mount or surface mount
  • Compatible with almost any standard electricity box
  • Compatible with 250 micron and 900 micron fiber types
  • Innovative, removable fiber organizer system facilitates an easy installation in the field
  • Fiber can be terminated using fieldinstallable connectors or fusion splices
  • Guaranteed minimum bending radius of 20mm
  • One SC or duplex LC connector footprint
  • Splice-through function allows moving the FO access point to any other point in the premise
  • Provide a clean upgrade path for your indoor wiring by starting off with Cu and use the wall plug in combination with indoor Fi/Cu cabling
  • Environmental friendly materials, low smoke zero halogen
  • Cable entry points : back, bottom, side
  • Xpres-drop compatible fiber-optic points



Artikel Datenblatt (PDF) Montageanleitung (PDF) Anwendungsrichtlinien (PDF)
Hybridbox (CPWO)