Break-Out Cable

Single-mode connectorized break-out cable

A break-out cable contains individual fibers (each with kevlar and individual  jacketing) together with a strength member which are bundled in an outer jacket. It can be preconnectorized at one or both ends.

Break-out cable is typically used indoors

  • between an optical distribution frame and an electronic equipment rack.
  • between two electronic equipment racks.

A break-out cable design can offer advantages over standard patchcords because it eliminates the need for a fiberoptic ducting system.

These cables are particularly effective when equipment racks are distributed over a large area (for example several floors in a large building).

The end of the break-out cable behaves like a standard single pigtail. The outer jacket of the cable can be stripped back in the field to offer additional flexibility.

Cables are available with a wide variety of fiber counts and connector types.
They are delivered on a drum to facilitate a fast, safe and easy installation.

All break-out cable assemblies are compatible with the TE Connectivity FIST system.



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Break-Out Kabel