FIST splitter array sub-assembly

Splitter array sub-assemblies are assemblies of trays which store and protect optical splitters whereby incoming and outgoing fibers are stored on separate organizer trays ready for splicing into the network.

The FIST-SASA3 passive optical devices are factory mounted in a closed black-tray housing. The devices are delivered mounted on a hinging plate together with the organizer trays that store their incoming and outgoing fiber tails. The assemblies have a base plate that can be clipped onto the UMS (Universal Mounting System) profile which is built into the various FIST network products, e.g. splicing shelves (FIST-GSS2), closures (FIST-GCO2), …

Provision for fiber, device and cable element identification is integrated in the design either by labeling or by using colored fibers. The splitter components are based on planar waveguide technology. For low split ratio’s, FBT (fused biconic tapered) technology is used.



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