• Lightweight, compact, and economical means of splicing multiconductor telephone cable
  • Requires 33% less space than other comparable techniques
  • No prestripping or cutting required; fast and easy installation


PICABOND connectors provide an economical and reliable means of splicing multiconductor telephone cable.

PICABOND connectors are manufactured from tin-plated phosphor bronze and tin-plated brass with bonded polyester insulation.

Color coding of the insulation is provided to denote wire size and weather-resistant type.

Any solid core wire, 28 to 19 AWG (0.32 – 0.90 mm), with pulp, paper or plastic insulation can be spliced.

Lightweight and compact, PICABOND splices reduce the space required over other splicing techniques by up to 33%.

Straight, butt, tap, and bridge splices can be made with these connectors.



  • Saves time — no prestripping or cutting required, can tap without service interruptions, eliminates “turndowns”
  • Versatile — Color-coded to indicate size and type of wire; used for butt, straight, bridge and half-tap applications
  • Economical — Lower applied cost, minimum training required, higher application rates



  • Splicing
  • Central Office
  • Manhole
  • Aerial Pole
  • CEV
  • Pedestal
  • Demarcation Points



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