FOSC splicing trays are designed to store fibers and splices in a controlled way. The same proven fiber routing procedures can be used in all the network elements that accept FOSC trays.

The arrangement of the fiber and splices is such that fiber bending is controlled to conform with minimum bend radius requirements in all parts of the tray.

The hinged feature of the trays provides protection of the fiber as well as easy access.

Different sizes are available (A, B and D) in relation to the different closures sizes.


Two tray layouts are available:

one with splice modules in the centre of the tray (also called “US tray layout”), and one with the splices at the exterior of the tray (called the “European tray layout”)

Each tray size is available for different splice capacities and for different types of splices (heat-shrinkable splices, RECORDsplice, ANT and most mechanical splices).

A ‘Storage Basket’ is a slack tray for FOSC closures to store extra or uncut fiber lengths.



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