Connector Identification System

ADC KRONE ‘s innovative TracerLight® Connector Identification System offers a quick and accurate method of identifying the termination point of optical patch cords. Each end of a TracerLight® patch cord features a flashing light source allowing technicians to visually trace individual patch cords from one end to the other without pulling or affecting the patch cord.

The TracerLight® power source is inserted into the TracerLight® component on one end of the patch cord. This causes the LED on each end to begin flashing rapidly. As a result, the distant end of the patch cord can be quickly and easily identified without interruption of service.

The compact power source is composed of a lightweight, plastic flashlight body featuring two AA batteries and a printed circuit board (PCB). It provides approximately 80 hours of continuous service and features 1-hour auto-off. The end of battery life is indicated by a slowing of the blink rate.


  • Dramatically minimizes the risk of taking the wrong fibre out of service
  • Improves system turn-up speed and accuracy
  • TracerLight® patch cords meet all optical performance criteria of standard ADC KRONE patch cords
  • Ideally suited for Central Offices, Data Centers and cross-connect patching
  • 72% reduction in jumper turn-up times and 13% reduction in accidental down-time. TracerLight® pays for itself again and again
  • Available in any standard length or connector style
  • Same functions, features and stringent environmental standards as ADC KRONE 's standard patch cords
  • Installed in the same manner as ADC KRONE 's standard patch cords
  • Easily pulled through ADC KRONE 's FiberGuide® fibre cable management system



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