Modular wideband couplers/splitters

Single mode wideband couplers/splitters are passive optical devices that split and combine light in fiber networks.

The OCM modular packaging provides a robust and simple method for integrating these devices into your network.
A wide selection of split ratios and connector types ensure long lasting compatibility.

These components are intended for indoor use or in weather proof enclosures that have or exceed an IP65, NEMA 4x sealing rating.


  • Reliable performance
  • Low loss
  • Low polarization sensitivity
  • Excellent mechanical protection
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Available in most connector types
  • Different types of housing allow for high density
  • LGX compatible footprint
  • Housing sizes varies depending on split ratio providing optimal utilization of space



  • Telephony
  • CATV
  • Central office/headend
  • LAN
  • Network monitoring & testing


The splitter components are based on FBT (fused biconic tapered) technology for low split ratio’s. For higher split ratio’s, planar waveguide technology is used.



Artikel Datenblatt (PDF) Montageanleitung (PDF) Anwendungsrichtlinien (PDF)
LGX-Module (OCM)