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DLX™ Fiber Optic Connector

ADC KRONE’s DLX™ Fiber Optic Connector is a “Next Generation” hardened fiber optic connector designed to provide a cost-effective solution for connecting outside plant (OSP) fiber networks. The DLX connector is a miniature hardened connector used to speed residential connection in Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) cabling networks. The connectors are strategically located in the distribution network to facilitate service connection, maintenance and reconfiguration of subscriber services.

Connectors are usually staged at the street outside a residence to facilitate easy access and connection to the residence at a later date. The rugged connectors protect against extreme temperature, moisture, ultraviolet radiation, chemical exposure and other harsh conditions found in the outside plant. Rugged connectors provide a watertight seal and are typically installed in multi-port fiber terminals or closures located on the street.

DLX connectors may also be installed in the optical network terminal (ONT) equipment located at the premises. The hardened connectors are compatible with other hardened connectors or non-hardened SC adapters mounted on the ONT enclosures.

DLX drop cables are connectorized in the factory with rugged connectors so that a technician, who need not be an expert in fiber splicing, can quickly install the drop cable between the terminal and the home. The DLX connector system consists of preconnectorized cable assemblies, terminals and converters that provide a plug-and-play solution for connecting between terminals at the street and at the residence. The DLX connectors also allow simplified testing during installation, easy connection during growth phases and maintenance access in the event of trouble or during service upgrades.



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DLX Connector