FlexDSX™ Cross-Connect Products

Telecommunication networks are not static.
In order to support evolving service offerings, they must evolve in size, shape and complexity.
Initial network design should consider the need for expansion and growth.

Proper design plays a critical role in determining whether a network is an effective revenue generator, or whether it loses profitability through excess labour costs and missed service opportunities.


FlexDSX® Multifunction Panel

TE Connectivity FlexDSX® Multifunction Product Solutions provide maximum flexibility while eliminating the need to support multiple DSX-1, DSX-3, Fibre and Ethernet panels, particularly valuable in a small to medium size application.


FlexDSX® Super High Density Bay

TE Connectivity FlexDSX® Super High Density Bay is engineered to help service providers manage network connectivity and operations.

Using new techniques built upon TE Connectivity 40 years of proven experience, the FlexDSX Super High Density Bay is the only bay to offer highest density with trouble-free cable management and enhanced functionality. Quick to install, easy to manage and maintain, the FlexDSX Super High Density Bay maximizes network termination density, simplifies engineering and is designed to match service provider applications.


FlexDSX Cross-Connect Products
Solutions for E1 (2Mbps) Copper DDFs in Mobile and Fixed Network

The modular FlexDSX® product family allows flexible, cost-effective network growth, by allowing providers to defer capital expenses until network and service growth requires additional equipment.



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FlexDSX™ Cross-Connect Produkte    
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FlexDSX® Multifunktionspanel    
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Flex DSX® Rear Access Wire Wrap Chassis    
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Flex DSX® Total Front Access Chassis mit LSA-Plus®